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Be somebody Gym which is Wes Kitts's weightlifting facility
Wes Kitts's weightlifting gym, Be Somebody Gym

BE SOMEBODY. Performance, Knoxville's Olympic Weightlifting Hub, is a 3,000 sq ft weight room designed by Team USA Olympian Wes Kitts and was built to accommodate his training for the Paris Olympics. Our local team includes Olympians, National Champions, and athletes of all levels. Join us, whether you're a CrossFitter, Weightlifting hobbyist, or aspiring competitor.

Be Somebody. Gym is owned and operated by Olympian Wes Kitts. Wes has been into athletics his whole life, even playing football at the collegiate level. When he decided to dedicate his life to weightlifting, he packed up his bags and moved out to California to train with the greatest at the World Renowned California Strength Gym, owned by Dave Spitz.

Wes's training philosophy goes far beyond just the physical side of weight lifting.

He strives to not only strengthen his athletes bodies, but also sharpen their minds.


At BE SOMEBODY. Performance we cater to all weightlifting enthusiasts by providing a comprehensive and inclusive environment for Olympic weightlifting. Olympic weightlifting is a dynamic and explosive sport that involves two main lifts: the snatch and the clean and jerk. These lifts require a combination of strength, power, speed, and technique.

At our facility, we understand that weightlifters come from various backgrounds and have different goals. Whether you're an experienced weightlifter aiming to compete at the highest levels or someone looking to incorporate weightlifting into your fitness routine, we have you covered.

Wes Kitts getting chalk before doing a lift


$32 per Week

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Athlete taping thumbs at Be Somebody Gym

Small Group

+$40 per Week

Add some high level coaching to your weightlifting sessions with our small group package. Capped at four athletes, you will all be lead through your training by your favorite coach at our facility.

Wes Kitts Snatching at Be Somebody Gym


$65-125 per Session

Get one on one training with one of our National level athletes, American Record holder Morgan McCollough, or Olympian We Kitts!

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